Dec 13

Fight Noise With Noise

Posted in Gardening

I could swear my basement speaks to me. Walls speak. I can’t imagine what I’d do if anyone found out I hear things when I go down there. My basement doesn’t frighten me; the thought of going to an asylum frightens me. I know it sounds crazy, but why don’t you go down there and hear for yourself!

I’m mad. I must be! Hearing the indoor living wall speak to me, say my name, and scream at night is awful! The walls don’t just speak, either! They bang, like thunder in a soundless city, just waiting for some sort of noise to break the dreaded silence. Oh, the noise! So much noise! I just want it to go away!

The screaming and banging forces a hammer to the wall. Bang. Bang. Bang. Bang Bang! I bang right back, screaming just as loud as the walls do.

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Dec 8

This is Life

Posted in Marketing

So my wife snds me out for NCR pads last week. First thought in my mind was “What in the hell are these things and what is her end goal with them?” She makes lists. I’m pretty sure it’s list making ability that enables women to be the brains behind anything. I mean anything too. The saying “Behind every powerful man is a strong woman” doesn’t exist for nothing. So now with that, my second thought is “What means is she going to use this to more than likely complicate my life.” That’s years of experience with the burden of being a man right there. No matter how seemingly innocent a request from my wife seems, I know there’s some kind of ultimate end that results in hard work for me. This leaves me feeling a bit conflicted. I’m pretty pressed at work, so whatever task she has in mind for me, I’m not really up for doing it. If I don’t get them though, I’m in the doghouse. Using “doghouse” makes it sound cute and like a situation from a sitcom, but it is far from either of those things.

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Oct 27

Sweating Bullets

Posted in Home Improvement

Summer is quickly approaching, and we live in Florida, so you know how hot it can get. Almost everyone that lives here has air conditioning Manchester, if not, they are very miserable and uncomfortable. It is not very safe to live in the south without air condition either. You could suffer from heat exhaustion, or even so intense as a heat stroke. If your house is in the shade and very well insulated and cross ventilation is accurate, you might get by with a lot of fans, otherwise, it is virtually impossible to survive the summer without air condition. Our ancestors did it, but due to the changes in our world, and the way we live, we have basically grown accustomed to a nice cool air condition. It’s at all the stores, most of us have it in our cars, so why not in our homes. So, if you don’t already have air condition, go get it, you will be so glad you did.

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Oct 2

The Body’s Complex Balancing Act

Posted in Health

I have read many stories about the pros and cons of the alkaline diet. Proponents claim the average American diet is laden with over-processed food, meat and sugar. This, they claim, creates an acidic environment that the body has to adjust to keep itself in the pH range of 7.35-7.45 for optimal health. The naysayers argue that the body is constantly monitoring itself through a complex system of checks and balances and adjusts the pH level accordingly regardless of the food we consume.

I decided to do a bit more investigation while trying this diet. To me, it didn’t seem as if the body could take our culinary abuse without some problems. I didn’t expect any positive or negative results. I didn’t expect to feel any difference. The nagging question of how our body adjusts was always on my mind.

What I did find out was in order to balance an acidic diet, the body takes minerals, such as calcium, from the bones and other organs to buffer the acid to a more alkaline state.

As for me, I was feeling more energetic and less sluggish with each day that I ate from my list of alkaline food. My digestive system wasn’t fighting back with painful disturbances. So much to my surprise, I am a believer in the positive affects of this diet.

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Sep 24

Meeting New Friends Is Easy

I have always prided myself on my ability to meet new people and develop long-lasting friendships. I just have a way of taking to others with ease and forming a connection. Whether on vacation, out shopping, or waiting in the doctor’s office, I often strike up conversations with new people and find we have things in common.

I generally carry a good amount of personal business cards with me where ever I go so that I can hand out my contact information to people I meet. I have met some of my closest friends this way; in fact, my fiance and I met another couple on a cruise to Bermuda a few years ago that we still keep in touch with to this day. It is easy to meet new people as long as you put some effort into it; just let your guard down a bit and open up to the guy sitting next to you on the train!

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Aug 6

A little extra money

Posted in Internet

I currently operate a small yet very successful web design Manchester business from my home. I chose this field primarily because I enjoy working with computers and computer code, but also because I understood the frustration that comes with trying to navigate a poorly-designed site. I set out to provide a quality end-product that is user friendly, attractive and which positively represents the client.

Another reason I chose to do design for a living was due to the harsh economy. Although I held a part-time job as a waiter and it paid the bills, I found that it left me with little extra money at the end of the month. I always wanted to do design websites, but I’d always believed it to be an over-saturated market with little opportunity for profit. However, after becoming tired of not making much money, I jumped into it headlong and was immediately surprised by how much I could make.

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Jul 25

Tired of Announcing I Have a Weak Bladder

Posted in Old Age

Seriously, what does age have to do with incontinence, especially when you toss in childbirth, C-Sections, herniated discs that are pressing on the nerves affecting your bladder, being overweight, laughing, crying and sneezing, or even lifting. Regardless of the reason, you have wet clothing! Then there are those who think the public bathroom is for putting on their make-up, fixing their chipped nail, styling their hair, counting their money, and looking for the shower that does not exist. Come on, it doesn’t take 20 minutes to use the public potty! So, after being embarrassed in public a few times, I definitely had to find an answer.

I tried big kids pull-ups, but obviously they were too small. The adult diapers were so noisy; people could hear me coming from a mile away. Manufacturers have gotten smart; they are making adult nappies that are comfy, effective and quiet!

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Jul 9

My new best friend

Posted in Weight Loss

When my best friend said that she was going to lose weight through a medical procedure, it was a sign of good things to come. For years she was overweight and complained about her love handles. At age 25, she wanted to change her live, lower her BMI and look better. That is why she tried a procedure known as vaser liposuction. This is not your traditional liposuction. Other types of procedures can have problems such as more blood loss. This is a gentle procedure that has been around for years now. The device in this vaser procedure involves ultrasonic waves. It eliminates the fat cells by adding heat. And it is a minimally invasive procedure. After completing the procedure, my friend looks better and says that she feels better. She is like my new best friend.

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