Jul 9

My new best friend

Posted in Weight Loss

When my best friend said that she was going to lose weight through a medical procedure, it was a sign of good things to come. For years she was overweight and complained about her love handles. At age 25, she wanted to change her live, lower her BMI and look better. That is why she tried a procedure known as vaser liposuction. This is not your traditional liposuction. Other types of procedures can have problems such as more blood loss. This is a gentle procedure that has been around for years now. The device in this vaser procedure involves ultrasonic waves. It eliminates the fat cells by adding heat. And it is a minimally invasive procedure. After completing the procedure, my friend looks better and says that she feels better. She is like my new best friend.

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Jun 4

My home just got a bit more elegant

Posted in Home Improvement

The hot summer months are quickly approaching and one may wonder how to keep the sun from shining through their windows. The installation of blinds Manchester will not only control the amount of light entering into your home but in addition will maintain a level of privacy. There are many style and color options available so there is an opportunity to change the look in your kitchen, bedroom and living area. Cleaning generally requires just a damp cloth to remove the dust and the types include wood, aluminum, bamboo and plastic dependent upon your taste. One will find that the price is comparable to installing curtains yet a lot less maintenance. Recommend ridding of your old dusty curtains which will permit one to allow as much or as little natural light as deemed appropriate while at the same time providing a bit more elegance to your home.

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